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The biggest news? Cate Blanchett is going to blow you away with her breathtakingly accurate take on mid-Sixties Dylan . in case you hadn’t heard: yes, she plays him as a dude!!! I must say, how much she looks like Dylan. Wow, thumbs up to u Cate!!

The film’s soundtrack seems quite intriguing too. I cant wait to get my hands on the soundtrack!

Looking unrecognizable from her usual polished blonde self, Blanchett has donned a wig, shades and leather jacket - all black of course - to rival that of the Mr Tambourine Man's distinctive '60s look. I'm guessing that the 'Dylan style' will soon come to life on the streets around us since we are already at the front door of the 60's fashion scene.

leather jackets, boots, and skinny jeans...... check!

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