No Place Like HEIMA New Prints

New place like Heima has just published some wonderful, bright abstract paintings which were inspired by Catherine Ashley's two wonderful daughters, Sophie and Clover. Following their imagination and day to day life and routines, these paintings portray their feelings and their outlook of the world. All of the paintings were created together with her two lovely daughters who added details/ colours.

 Life in the Sea, 2015. watercolour, pigment and chinese ink, with details of acrylic and sequins.

 While painting in her studio with her two daughters, this image popped to mind and Sophie decided to add some pink sequins to it. so Life in the Sea was created.

Twilight Sparkle, 2015. Gouache and acrylic with sequins and ink details.

 Clover inspired the Twilight Sparkle painting because of how she gasped at the salmon-pink sunset that covered the sky. I asked her to come up with a word for her feelings, and Twilight Sparkle was born. From that day, pink sunsets will be known as Twilight Sparkle.

Mix, 2015. Gouache and Chinese ink with glitter.

 This piece had the colors hand picked out by Sophie. The blacks adds an abstract tough to it.


Hunch, 2015.  oil and acrylic on heavy oil paint canvas-paper

Hunch was inspired by the colors of the Indonesian Kain Ikat.


Carpe Diem Geometric Prints

We added two more colors and designs to our Carpe Diem Collection..
The prints are now available in blue and pink and are ready to brighten up any space!


Carpe Diem Prints


Carpe Diem HEIMA prints are now up for sale and come in 3 sizes:
A3, A4, and postcard size. 
All prints are delicately printed on heavy weight matte archival paper. 

Frames are for demonstration purposes only and are not included. 
Your print will arrive with a special HEIMA tag which will be included in the packaging.

Postcard size @ Rp 30.000  or Rp 80.000 for whole set
A4 size @ Rp 45.000 or Rp 110.000 for whole set
A3 size @ Rp 60.000 or Rp 160.000 for whole set

If you would like any prints in larger sizes please contact us for details.
We may also print them on canvas and frame them for you.

All prints will be shipped from the HEIMA headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia.
We currently send all our items locally by JNE.


For any information, questions, shipping details or bulk/wholesale purchase please contact us via email at homeatheima@gmail.com


How To DIY Your Home

 Pastel rose dipped tree trunk

Doing a little bit of DIY-ing at home every now and then adds a personal touch and value to your home. whether it is playing around with paint, or even left over fabric, washi tape, or scraps of paper- you are bound to create something unique.

Here are a few simple DIYs that can be done over the weekend.



 graphic wall designs


Juju golden dots

For more ideas on decorating or even simple DIY tasks, drop by our roll to keep updated and get insanely inspired


A Collection of the Most Elegant Soap Designs

Found on Nordstrom for $12

 Having great bathroom essentials that are thoughtfully designed and packaged beautifully makes getting out of bed in the morning much easier. Lovely classic french fragrances, or even  Italian opulent flower fragrances make anyone's day better!
Picking a lovely packaged soap bar comes with its downs too. It is often too precious to even open and ends up becoming an accessory instead of being put to use.
Well, if you want to use it, or simply display it, this soaps are to die for!!

 Found on Anthropologie for $8.00

Found on Anthropologie

Hand in Hand Soap

 Mariposa Hand soap

Found on Anthropologie for $ 9.00


How to make DIY Cardboard Houses

 image from here.

We are currently working on a "UN Week" project for Tzu Chi Kindergarten in Jakarta. The plan is to make a city out of recycled cardboard boxes that have been dropped off at the Tzu Chi Recycling Centre.

As you know, used boxes have many prints on them and aren't in great condition as most of them have already been flattened for easy handling, so layers of paint and many masking tape details are needed to make the surface look smooth and even.The paint used is children safe food grade paint and doesn't cover very well, especially on the plastic cello tape. For this, all the tape must be either pulled of or covered in masking tape.

Here are a few pictures that have inspired us to make this project.

image from here. 

 image from here.

image from here. 

 image from here.

The tools needed are simple A LOT of boxes- various sizes, a sharp cutter, scissors, masking tape, metal ruler, pencils and tape. The houses are piled on one another or simple glued together.

Someone's rubbish is another's treasure


How to Modernize Your Bathroom

This bar of soap and modern soap dish from Fringe Studio will last forever in the bathroom without being used. What a lovely bathroom accessory. :)



 These little paper 3D hearts can be easily made into cute garland or  mobiles to decorate any event or room. Ready to DIY?


MINISTER CAFÉ Has The Most Amazing Design


Minister Café was created by the amazingly creative Polish team, Ostecz Creative which is designed to perfection and has many great ideas installed in to it. The greyish interior with dashes of yellow here and there add life to the room and create interesting areas of design.

We believe, that if you put this much thought into the bathroom, then for sure visitors will keep coming in. (To the cafe, not the toilet) :p

 Check that out!!

Yumm, we would love that cup of coffee right now :)