mary kate ashley olsen

i'm a big fan of the lucky olsen twins and I love reviewing and observing their taste in fashion. expect a lot more posts on them coming soon....

for now, the 'better now than never'; Peter Lindberg editorials in Harper's Bazaar.
oh, i forgot to mention this is only Mary-kate, her other half is missing.

Note; why is she so fug in these pics? her candids are much more interesting.
booooooo..... Peter Lindberg!!!

I cant help but notice her sheer skirt in the last pic. it is a lovely accessory to accentuate this seasons wear. wow...i'm gonna make one as soon as i finish all my submissions this week..
btw, does anyone know how it can stand stiff like that and not flopping all over the gaff?! boning? starch? or is the material just like that?!.... THANKIESS

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