Some of you might already know me for my ‘cat decorating’ hobby. Well today, I spent almost all the day sketching and ‘decorating’ my poor, lovely Maine Coon cat, Mr. Bble Mushaboom McCenzy. He just sat there silently on the tiled floor gazing into my eyes with so much love and trust. Moving slightly only to twitch his whiskers or blink his diamond round eyes. He let me do what ever I wanted to do to him and let me take my time…

After I finished, I felt so happy and satisfied but felt so bad at the same time. He was still sitting there, frozen like…looking deep into my eyes. I picked up my hand to touch him and stroke his furry neck, and before my hand even got there, he let out this big puuuurrrrrrrr……..

Awww……. I really feel his love to me… but again, after I thought about it, maybe he is just happy that the ‘decorating’ session is over….

Whatever… I still love him and it will never change…

I love you Bble…..xoxoxoxoxoxoxxo

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