Spring/Summer 2008 videos

Now we are talking....
here are some of the highlights for our next season..
enjoy oy..

Sonia Rykiel Spring 2008

man, look at all of that chiffon.... its so bouncy and wouncy and founcy...
but again, everything looks nice when its put on those battery operated beings... tee hee

Fashion wise, she designed some really nice flamboyant dresses with floral prints and contrasting colours matched with lovely, lovely sunglasses ((Peggy Guggenheim??)) I’m not so sure...

Sonia always spices up the finale of her fashion show, and once again she made a hit with all of those bouncing (note; smiling) models that sashayed out on to the stage wearing feathers and diaphanous dresses with their flowing hair that was volumed and curled softly at the ends…

the next hit would have to be Prada...

Psychedellic madness!!!

I was shocked when I saw Prada’s spring 2008 collection, I just didn’t expect to see such young spirited clothes combined with girly and playful prints. But we sure did get a glimpse of her fantasies.

I can’t help but think about Biba when I see her collection. The collection seems very late 60ish and hippie-ish in a way. Flared pants were ballooning as the models strutted up and down the stage. She played around with the cuttings and piping, that it almost had a Chinese touch to it.

The stockings were dull and contrasting compared to the colour of the shoes, which made the footwear a big hit this season. Amid the daring cuttings and colours, they really stood out and spoke for themselves. Invade Prada!!!


Frida Giannini's Gucci Spring 2008 collection can’t really be categorized. It was a combo of everything seen on the runways throughout the season.

Sunflower yellow was mixed with white and black creating big prints on the dresses which was seen all the way to the end of the show. Baggy pants at the crouch with narrow legs made a comeback. But I’m really hoping that they are just a fad, because they are so damn fugg!!!

enjoy, i'll post up some new videos in the next few days...... meanwhile, i'm just going to fantasize about all those colours and figure out which of my tees can be dyed to a brighter colour.

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