top hat

Top hats are making a comeback this season as which is seen in these pics of the British "stars".
I'm sure it wont be long till we see topshop full of mannequinnes donning top hats.

You have to love this candid of Liv. She is such a darling and looks amazing in almost anything. everything from her glowing complection, her blouse, her lips, and her top hat. The hat gives her a kind of edgy look and almost makes us believe that she is the daughter of big mouthed rocker Steven Tyler.
Sienna spices it up with an unbuttoned shirt a hanging tie. the masculine female!
"Pete Doperty" seems to have a very charles dickenson look going on. even tho he is a total crackhead and is a waste of flesh, bones and teeth, i must say that i love his style and his band, Babyshambles. i love how he can carry off these kind of clothes without making it seem like hes heading to a costume party or a 1800's scientist meeting.
And the "I'm confused, i don't know which one" Olsen twin matches her top hat with layers and layers of scarves and clothes and powdered knees.. it must be the american way..tee hee..
but she looks chic and really wears it well.

Our conclusion;
British rock!!

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