Keira Knightley - “Interview Magazine” December 2007/January 2008

Keira Knightley covers up her tiny bits with suspenders in the December 2007/January 2008 issue of Interview Magazine. Here are some highlights from Keira’s interview:

How was the photo shoot? We ended by taking my clothes off again. How does that always happen?

Why do you think? I don’t know. Because I say yes, I suppose.

Did you relate to the Hollywood-glamour thing when you were growing up? I think it’s wonderful to have those aesthetic fantasies. Those films pretend that you can wake up in the morning with bright red lipstick and perfect false eyelashes and hair; I like that.

There were so many species of loss in [your upcoming film Atonement]—there’s the loss of a girl, the loss of a woman, the loss of a love. Which did you relate to the most? All of them. That’s the power of it. Everybody has regrets. Everybody feels guilty about something, though hopefully not for something as bad as what happens in the movie. But that’s what is wonderful about the book and the film—you understand where these people are coming from. The situation may be completely different from ones I’ve experienced or that most people have experienced, but the core emotions are the same—that we all make mistakes, and sometimes we’re horrendous to each other. It’s the Robbie character [played by James McAvoy] that I find truly heartbreaking, because at the beginning he’s really Christ-like in his goodness—he’s a selfless, perfect person—and in a funny way I don’t think we can ever handle it when someone is that good, so what we do is destroy them.

I must admit that in the pic where she is donning suspenders she looks like hell.. Her face seems to cave in unlike the other lovely pics...... sigh...

I'm loving the one where she is squatting and wearing polkadot dress tho....


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This issue of Interview Magazine featuring Keira is on newsstands now!

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