the solid structured blocks of colours

vivid, slabs and asymmetrical blocks and boxes of colours are edging upon almost single spring/summer 2008 runway. The shapes create a futuristic, retro look to the garments.
Stricking coloured lines and boxes are added onto contrasting coloured clothes witch are screaming for attention..

-from the top-
-Pringle of Scotland
-Marc by Marc Jacobs
-Paul Smith
-Christian Lacroix


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucy.
I was just wondering. is this style called retro style?
what accessories can be matched with this style?

thank you

Catherine Ashley said...

hi anonymous...
yes, this can be called retro...
more like modern retroish slash fine art....
accessories that match this style are -plastic beads (avoid wooden beads since earth tone doesn't mix well with the tones)
-multi coloured bangles and earrings
-patent, jelly and velvet shoes...
-colourful bag

the point is, avoid brownish tones.
retro is all about colour...

retro style looks better with less accesories tho, don't pile them up too heavy, and remember to avoid gold!