Who wears it better

The fashion battle...

When the stars fall off the runway.
tyle icon Dita Von Teese personifies elegance in an asymmetrical tweed creation by Dior at the 15th anniversary of the Polish edition of Playboy in Warsaw.

Fashion maven Diane Kruger keeps it regal in an orange chiffon off-the-shoulder J. Mendel gown at the National Treasure: Book of Secrets premiere in New York City.

Oscar winner Nicole Kidman, famed for her understated elegance and classic style, makes a bold fashion choice in a metallic silver trouser-suit by Balenciaga as she braves the wet weather to greet crowds at the Sydney premiere of The Golden Compass.

Oscar winner Rachel Weisz gets her holiday freak on in a classic sheath from designer Narciso Rodriguez at the Fred Clause premiere in Los Angeles. Meanwhile, the new Hollywood it girl, Hayden Panettiere attends the Jules Verne Adventure Film Festival Closing Day Event in the figure-hugging cocktail dress.
Who wears it better???

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