CK banned ad from the 90's

These CK Jeans ads certainly caused a massive stir and were thought to be really offensive to loads in the 90's. Due to its controversial casting scenes that seem like they are being interviewed and casted by a dirty old wanker, it was pulled off air in a matter of days! KyaHa!!.

A classic!


Anonymous said...

thankies thankies thankies

this vidd sure rises memories

DeviousDeception said...

Well, not only should it be banned for being effin creepy. It should also be banned for being a very lousy commerical.

cocostar88 said...

While the other ads in the campaign included women, a number of boys were also asked by the man to remove clothing, perform and answer probing questions as well. Some of the young men are uncomfortable while others appear to be street-savvy. While research shows that pedophilia is more often perpetrated by men who identify as heterosexual, these ads appear to support the myth that gay men seek to molest young boys -- especially if a viewer doesn't see the interviews with young women.