Graziano Cecchini strikes again!!

Who can ever forget the man who dyed the waters of the Trevi Fountain blood red and caused a massive stir as local resident thought that it was actually blood!!!

Yesterday, five hundred thousand brightly coloured plastic balls bounced down the Spanish Steps in Rome in a stunt orchestrated by the anarchic artist.

TV cameras caught organizer Graziano Cecchini and several others emptying bags full of red, green, yellow and blue balls down the 18th-century steps which then bounced all the way down the steps, filling the boat-shaped Barcaccia fountain in the piazza below in a spectacle that stunned passers-by, who snapped photos and scooped up the balls as souvenirs. Hahahaha

Wouldn't it be cool to get a Grazz ball for a souvenir..?!?

He was later arrested along with 3 others..ups!!hahahaha

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