Katie Holmes golden looks

Ahhh... i just had to do another post on the globe trotting golden girl. Looking like a million bucks, she signs autographs on her way out of the ABC studios of Good Morning America in the Big Apple.

Looking even better still, she is seen exiting her hotel in NYC en route to the Late Show with David Letterman. She looks fabulous dressed in this short red petticoat as it really contrasts with her skin and gives her a super rich touch. $$$$$

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Anonymous said...

tom cruis has changed her and transformed her into a modelled human being. she and her daughter are like robots! yukk

Suri queen said...

I don't agree with you! Katie is a real stunner, and always has been. She has the money now, so why not look like a million dollars.
I think they are an amazing family and Suri is adorable.
She is the cutest girl on planet earth.