Penelope and 'sister' Cruz for Mango

I happened to be on my way home a few days ago after heading to KLCC for some late Christmas shopping with Helen. On the way, we managed to mingle around Mango and grab a few Cruz collection booklets.

As we were flipping through the pages, we soon realized that a few people were already staring at us since we were UNCONSCIOUSLY shouting out "LEFT! RIGHT! RIGHT!"as if somebody had asked us to race in picking which garments we like.

After we cooled down, we started another game of who-is-who as it was almost impossible to see which ones are of Penelope and which ones are of Monica's ...

girls do stupid stuff when they are stuck in situations like that!!!

I got home and opened Mango straight away.... and heres a bit of what I found...

When they were young, they say, they used to hide in the bathroom and browse through fashion magazines.

If that sounds like the beginning of a salacious anecdote, think again. Siblings Penelope and Monica Cruz had fashion on their minds, not what you thought.

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