Have you seen this amazin ad by Volks Wagon?! everytime i see soeone moving like this it puzzles and confuses my mind. Its as if my brain doesn't trust and accept what I'm actually seeing... WOW!!

I hope Gene Kelly likes this as he LOVED it when A Clockwork Orange used it in their rape scene. TEEHEE

Do you know that the illusionary dancer is a real person!!hahahah. He goes by thename David Elsewhere...
You must have seen him before cuz he is just EVERYWHERE...

Here's an IPOD ad featuring him and Daft Punk ...

David Elsewhere Heineken Commercial

Some people think that David is double jointed, but when asked in an interview with oyemag.com he stated:

I’m not double-jointed at all. The only place where I am double-jointed is my thumbs, which doesn’t even matter. I would say I’m probably a little more flexible than most people in certain areas, mainly my shoulders and my ankles, but I wasn’t born that way. Those areas became flexible because of years of practicing.

— David "Elsewhere" Bernal

Visit David here.

Find more popping, locking, & funk styles videos at www.funkstyler.com

As for the music, it is made by the fab Mint Royale. They cover Gene Kelly's singing in the rin and made it into a really nice song that gets your body working.

Here and here to get more info and tracks from Mint Royale.


Anonymous said...

wow. David is amazing! it actually look like itis done by visual effects!

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david is way too friggin kool!