Whose been wearing what

When celebs dress down- street watch

Mummy to be J. Lo plays it simple by rocking her oven in a cute empire cut petticoat. the black leather knee-length boots and shades glamor up the whole look...

This couple always dresses wacky and never ever ever match or wear even similar clothes. The rocker and the punker. Tho Ashley does look amazing in her shoet petticoat and very tight jeans. The grounded colours just make her auburn hair standout. cute!

Another bun backing in the oven at town. Nicole dresses palely to match her skin. For me, this is a big no no as you will just blend in to well on a sunny day. Show us some colour!!

She bangs-she bangs.
another celeb rocking their so last season bangs..Beyonce
Again, a petticoat... but sexes it up in patent leather and black stockings.

Kate at 2 different occasions.. Devil at night and angel by day.

Lindsay plays it simple by dressing in 1 tone. her fake tan is so orange that nobody can actually focus on her.. Where to look... glasses...hair....skin....book... I feel its just too much. Tied back neat hair would be a great way to pair with these clothes.. Loving the wedges, Lindsay!!

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