An Etsy post

This is a repost...
I just wanted this to resurface againn... because I love it!!

theblackapple's profile on Etsy has certainly catched my eye. 
It's dusty colours and animal inspired paintings of dolly femaly figures look awesomely vintage-modern. Yuuuuu

Boy and Hedgehog on a Windy Day Print
Lucy on a Windy Day Print
Squirrel Girl Print
Squirrel on a String Print
Fern Print
As Long as I Have You Print

Visit her blog here


Anonymous said...

I remember viewing these pictures somewhere before.

Anonymous said...

Her work is very like FIFI and AFFIE. The large glassy eyes and small lips.

Michelle said...

Great post Lucy. I love the selection of art you post up. You have a reat taste in art and i really feel that we connect. maybe yu are my other half
maybe you are my missing sister!!

take care Lucy and hi to Raymond and mister Blbe

BibaGirl said...

Keren abis ini Lucy

Itu akrilyk ya? Sumpah gw suka banget ini

take ker

salam dari Bandung.........!

The Seeker said...

Really amazing your selection.
Thanks for sharing.