Irene Suchocki is an artist to die for

A few weeks ago, I came upon Irene's Etsy profile. I was awed by the magestic and amazing photographs that she had shot. Her photos plays with saturation and depth, as when you look at her pictures you seem to fall and travel right in to them. WOW!!


I am a self-taught photographer. I was born in Toronto, but moved to Montreal in 2001, and will be forever grateful to my high school French teacher.
I enjoy experimenting with different styles and techniques, both in-camera and in my digital darkroom. Faithfully capturing a scene is less important to me than finding that little bit of mystery or evoking a certain mood. A kind of beautiful-melancholy, or melancholy-beauty permeates many of my images. I like to explore the ethereal, the surreal, the whimsical, the mysterious, and the beautiful. I enjoy creating little poems for the eyes.
My work has appeared on numerous book covers and I am honored that my photographic prints have found their way into private homes around the world.
I hope you find some delight in the images that I so enjoy creating.

You can contact the artist here.


JasonAbram said...

I rene is friggin amazing.i came across her websie oe day and found out that she was avvin a exhbtn in my town. it was great! you are right, she make s it seem like we can travel right into her photows.

Anonymous said...

LovelyLovelyLovelyWorkof Irene