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Edward Norton wrote The Screenplay for The Incredible Hulk?!?!

Yes!! At the Marvel Studios panel at Comic Convention, it was revealed that Hollywood hunk and Incredible Hulk star Edward Norton actually wrote the script to the movie in which he plays the title role.

Speaking of his involvement with writing the script, Norton said,
”I came into this and I wrote the screenplay. I was the Marvel kid. I had subscriptions to a lot of the marvel comics. I loved Hulk, the early incarnation of Hulk and then the television show when I was a kid.”

Norton continues,”And I always felt like it was one of those great contemporary myths. It’s almost like out of Greek mythology. This suppression of your inner demon,” Edward Norton also revealed that this Hulk will be brand spanking new. Hmm...

Director Louis Leterrier promises the film will be non-stop with a massive 350 scenes compared to the 150 scenes in a regular movie.interesting!!

He sure is sizzling hot in the preview pics from
here. Yummy!!!

And here is a trailer for The Incredible Hulk which is hitting the screens in June, 2008

“This is a part one, this is

the beginning of a

whole new Hulk saga,”

Do you think Edward Norton will make a better Hulk?

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