Michelle Williams in Vogue April 2008 Edition

- Looking more angelic than ever, Michelle Williams is featured in Vogue's April 2008 edition, before ex-boyfriend Heath Ledger's terrible death in January, about the "Brokeback Mountain" period of her life and her relationship with co-star Heath.

Going through a breakup is a very humanizing experience.
It just strips you to your core.

You're nothing but feeling,
nothing but emotion.
There's no difference between
my breakup and
anyone else's, so to
have to
pretend that you're happy and sunny...
I really only look back on it with love,
Oh God, because of my daughter.
I can't regret a single second of it because of this hell-raising cherub sleeping in the room next to me. [laughs] I hate to sound Pollyanna-ish about it, but that part is true. She's bigger than any heartbreak could ever be.

My life is so plain in a way, and babycentric,
I dress in that harried, hurried mom style.
I wanted to look girlish,
to play-act and tap dance.
[Fashion] wasn't something I thought about
for a long time. Then I thought about it too much.
It's complicated, because
if you can put the ugliness of vanity aside,
dressing up is self-expression in its purest form.

[I do] bookbinding, calligraphy, embroidery.
I want to do something
painstaking and time consuming.

Something logical with a certain outcome to it.

Wow, I love this shot. The 2 pink dresses above are just perfect. I would love to have one of those in my wardrobe of fame. Hmm.... I'm full of ideas now...


Anonymous said...

you r right.her pink dresses are lovely. who do you think designed them?? could you help us find out?thankksssssss


Anonymous said...

i love how the one where she is bouncing on the bed

her dress is draped so beautifully!

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

ok...still searching...ill get back to you on the designer tho...