Screening of Trembled Blossoms

Miuccia Prada unveiled a new project at the Prada Broadway Epicenter at a private screening in Beverly Hills which atracted a whole bunch of Prada-loving-stars.

Films in the fashion world have become a real attraction for the public. “Devil Wears Prada”, documentaries on Yamamoto, Karl Lagerfeld etc. Valentino`s life on the big screen is also awaited, as well as an intriguing feature film on dodgy business at Italian Gucci family.

But, designer Miuccia Prada, famous for her artistic approach, has came up with something completely different, as usual. She decided to make a 4-minute animated film called “Trembled Blossom”, based on her imaginative drawings which acts as the final feature of a body of work that began last summer in conjunction with the design of the women's Spring 2008 collection that debuted in Milan in September, based on inked drawings (used as wallpaper designs) which depict a lush, slightly scandalous, landscape of flowers and nymphs that evokes Prada's vision, blending suggestions of Art Nouveau, Liberty, Aubrey Beardsley, and Hieronymus Bosch.

The goal was to create a classic animated film from the golden era of Hollywood, the 1930s and 1940s, modernised with up to date animation and modern technological effects. The film is based on classic animation, with the artist drawing the characters dancing through foil. Motion is in the lead role of the Trembled Blossoms project, the dancers were shot and then digitally transferred to the drawing.

While the technology is advanced, the concept is essentially the same as classic animation in which artists drew over filmed footage of an actress dancing to create Snow White. For Trembled Blossoms, the motions of a dancer playing the nymph, outfitted with small tracking reflectors, are captured and recorded, then digitally superimposed onto the drawings.

Enjoy the video -featuring music and lyrics by Coco Rosie.....

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