Some nice dresses

These dresses really caught my eyes. Michelle's dress is actually 2 layered. The first (top layer) is a kind of processed leather which i just came across at the textile factory I visited a few days back. I thought it looked cheap and stitty- but I must say I am really surprised how nice it turned out as a dress. Wow!!!

As for Thandie's dress, it is so elegant and rich.. The delicate french lace drops and drapes so perfectly over her petite body and then is funked up with a leather obi (belt) and a paired with some lycra stockings.

I love lace and how elegant it can make a woman look.. It really worked for Thandie and I want to give her a massive thumb up and pronounce her the winner of this weeks best dressed....


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Ann said...

Wow, from a far it seems like her dress is printed or attached at the bottom. what ind of leather is it?are you sure its leather?