I just want to thank all of you that have visited and supported my blog so far. It makes my day, really just by seeing the hundreds of readers that drop by my page daily..

30002 views till today... Thank you all so much.. Don't be shy to drop a line or two to the comment box- or you can even get me at my emails.

luzzyonck@yahoo.com ,

and be prepared because I am currently working on my own website where I will put up all my work and portfolio..

Oh and many have been asking me, why do you call your blog Catherine Ashley, but your real name is Lucy..

Well, my mum gave me an incredibly long name- Lucy Catherine Ashley Atkinson -

Lucy from Lucy in the sky with dimonds (The Beatles)

Catherine from my grandmothers name

Ashley from my mums best friend

And Atkinson came from my Dad's side..

the end.. hihi.. hope it ends the wondering...

thankies you all!!!


Lucy, Raymond and Mr. Bble

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Ully said...

Lucy in the sky with diamonds indeed. congratulations and all the best