Dragon Blood trees

Dragon Blood tree on the virtually untouched Yemeni Island of Socotra

Did you even know that fairytale trees like this really exist?
These Dragon Blood trees which originate and are grown in
lots of parts of Yemen (yes, whip out your map!) are one of my
fav unusual plants. I just want to share a bit about them...

Dracaena draco (Dragon Blood Tree)is a spectacular tree when mature, but only reaches maturity where it doesn't freeze, and is a very slow grower.

Native to the Canary Islands, the plant is related to Agave, and looks like one when young. At this stage, it's used as a houseplant. It slowly develops a thick trunk, making it look more like a palm. In many years, it becomes widely branched, like the mature specimen pictured.

Mature height may be as little as 10', or as much as 30'. Flowering may take 10-15 years to begin, after which the tree begins to branch. Also called Dragon Tree, the 'dragon's blood' is the plant's thick red sap.

Tell me the truth, have you ever heard about these trees?
Amazing, aren't they!


Andylickk said...

Holy shit!it;s like a science fiction picture or something. amazing aren't they! sure are!
i googled it straight away. your better than discovery channel!

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

haha..thanks... btw, i miss my cable TV, i havent watched discovery etc for a whole year now. huhhuhuhuw

Anonymous said...

Wow! is is real?