Hummingbirds around me

As I mentioned before, the housing complex
that I am currently residing at in Malaysia is a true paradise. Nature plays a
big role here as massive, grand green blossomingtrees live along us next to our modern housing estates. Colourful lizards jumping and climbing trees, chirping birds that chirp in many tones and languages, free spirited cats that miauw when you pass them and role on the pathway beneath your feet for attention, squirrels dashing through the tree tops, awhhh.... It is just so nice here....

Recently I have been noticing that every time I pass the lovely bushes at the side of the path that I usually pass daily, I see colourful shadows flying and hovering around the blossoms.
I was really shocked when I zoomed in and realized that they were actually hummingbirds!!

Have you ever seen one? They are strikingly beautiful in colour and shape and give you a heavenly feeling as they wisp from flower to flower sucking out drops of nectar with their long and dainty bills.

They don't seem to hesitate coming in to close contact with humans as they always fly past in a matter of inches away from me.
How lucky I am to get a glance of their beauty! Wow! I am speechless, really.. I am just too grateful for this!

I want to share this lovely poem I found


A tiny little hummingbird
Once took me by surprise
Whirring wings with colors bright
He flew before my eyes.

Iridescent greens and reds
He took my breath away
He dipped right in the flowers
What a treat for me today!

He hovered over lilacs
And the roses he did seek
He sucked up the sweet nectar
With his slender long black beak.

I watched in awe as off he flew
His wings were beating fast
A tiny lovely hummingbird
I've seen up close at last.

~ Charlotte Anselmo ~


Anonymous said...

this a lovely post lucy, you just set me off into my dreamland when you start writing abut your feelings. great blog you have

Katey said...

really you can see hummingbirds in your neighborhood?you are so lucky


until this day, i have never even seen 1. not even at the zoo. ;{

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

Dear anonymous, thankies thankies thankies. happy dreaming...

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

You know, Kate, the more i enjoy little aspects in life and feel that i am lucky, the luckier I get!

It all comes so colourful and beautiful when you look at life in a positive way!

P.S hope you get to see a hummingbird oneday..... sure it will be special..

Anonymous said...

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