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Mocca Biography
The story began when : — Arina (vocal and flute), Riko (guitar), Toma (bass) and Indra (drum)– got together in a college band. After a year of struggling with the boredom of performing other people’s music, they decided to write their own songs.

In 1997 the Twee pop Indonesian band composed four songs, unfortunately, those songs weren’t well accepted by the other members of the band. After caught up in conflicts and tons of disagreements, the band decided to split up leaving Arina and Riko mystified with their deserted materials.

“From waltz and bossanova to ’70s disco and rock, each song (written in English) has a different beat determined by the girl’s mood. When playing live, MOCCA is supported by six additional players on keyboards, guitar, percussion, trumpet, trombone and sax.”

Their debut album “My Diary” contains 13 songs written from a girl’s point of view and her diary entries. The album starts with a Once Upon A Time and is followed by a song telling of a first encounter with her Secret Admirer. Then after much hesitation in Twist Me Around, she decides to go steady with the boy in Me & My Boyfriend. In Telephone they break up, understanding that When the Moonlight Shines, they just weren’t meant for each other and thus, Rain Will Fall, Life Keeps On Turning.

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Mocca- Life keeps on turning

Mocca featuring Karolina Komstedt of Club 8- I would never friend

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