When a fashionable celebrity like Charlize Theron comes out wearing an outfit like this, she will turn a thousand heads and set a new standard of fashion.

Dressed in a Christian Dior Resort Collection 2009 she almost stole the spotlight of the day.

a hit??


Sharon Rose said...

She looks absolutely gorgeous!!

styleandthecity.com - Street style & Fashion weeks in Paris said...

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The Seeker said...

wow, she really looks awesome, yes, it's to turn heads.

Lovely dress.

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

You see...
everyone adores this dress and think she looks amazing in it..
but all over the net she is getting laughed at for it... I don't understand why people that are unique always get pressed down....

thanks for the commss


Fashion Ivy said...

It's a definite hit. She looks absolutely gorgeous