not a goodbye

Hello everyone..

Thanks so so so so much for dropping by my blog and leaving your lovely, lovely comments on my posts.. I really do appreciate it!!

Well. I would just like to say chao for a week.. 
My finals are on the 13th of June, so I am bloody busy as a dog till then and wot be able to update till its over..

So keep your knickers on  and visit back on the 13th..

Wish me luck!

Xoxo.. Lucy-


The Seeker said...

Good luck dear, hope everything will go well.
We will miss you, take care.


Fashion Ivy said...

Hey Lucy. Are you interested in a career in fashion design? If so check my blog for details on a great contest coming up.

Jenny H. said...

good luck with finals.
i have exams coming up as well.

and thanks. yeah i would love too.

Bedroom Talk said...

With the Tiffany's ring I definitly love the Nova cute(1st ring) but the second one is also a love of mine because to pair it with a full diamond band is just mouth watering lol.

Good luck with finals

autumn said...

you got a great blog. good luck on your exams. and thanks for visiting. tc. =]

Alice Point said...

Hi Lucy:)

Thanks for your kind words about my blog. I like your site too. It is really interesting:)

Yes, I would like to exchange links. I'm adding you to my blog roll.

Have a nice weekend,

fashion* CHALET said...

Thanks so much for your great comments. Glad you liked my page and style. :)

Kira Fashion said...

all the luck in the world for you sweetie!!

coco said...

Good Luck!

Mimi said...

Thanks a lot for your comment :)

Imelda said...

Good luck!!!

Eleh said...

all the best!

p/s: you have been linked!

Anonymous said...