The yellow thing

Donning his usual fingerless gloves gloves, he smacks on a wall face and wears the "ugly yellow thing." 

No, it is not a new garment made by neither him or Chanel- but he is teaming up with the french road safety campaign.

As quoted by him;
"It's yellow, it's ugly, it doesn't match anything, but it can save your life."

The advert adopts the playful tone that France until recently used in campaigns to cajole its citizens into driving less homicidally.
I have always suspected that France has shunned the yellow vests because they are not cool. The 74-year-old Chanel designer, wearing his new line of sunglasses in the dark, makes them look less ringard, or naff. 

"Karl is doing this entirely free of course," his assistant told le Parisien today. "He adored the concept and the slogan... His appearance is how he likes it, not where you would expect him to be, with a bit of self mockery." 

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