I love otters!I was watching a program on Nat Geo about otters before. They were so cute and i couldn't stop smiling at their little innocent behaviours. The way they crack shells with a rock on their furry little chest, to the way they yawn and put their chubby paws on their face. Awww

Facts on otters

River Otter Interesting Facts
  • River otters can hold their breath for up to 8 min. and can run at speeds up to 29 km/hour. 
  • They have long, slender, sleek bodies. 
  • River otters weigh about 20 pounds and they are about 2 and a half feet long (76 cm). 
  • River otters spend two-thirds of the time on land. 
  • Their silky, streamlined bodies help them move through the water with speed and grace. 
  • River otters have specially adapted lenses in their eyes to accommodate underwater distortions. 
  • Otters belong to the Weasel family. 
  • River otters lie wrapped in giant seaweed called kelp, they play and rest among the plants. 
  • Otters float together in groups called rafts. 
  • Old male otters often has white fur. Baby otters are called pups. 
  • Otters sometimes hold themselves up with their tails. 
  • An otter has two to six babies. 
  • Otters always wash themselves after every meal. 
  • All otters has a favorite stone it carries around. 
  • River otters are carnivores, which mean they only eat meat. 
  • Female otters are a third smaller than male otters.


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They look so cute!

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OMG, indeed they're sooooooo cute.
And thanks for all this information.

keira antoia rose said...

I want to adopt an otter!

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