Massive Attack!!!

For years their music has brought a meaning to my life. a song to my sorrow. a tune to my happiness.

Having growing up with my mum that was a great fan of Massive Attack, 
I soon came to realize that every time i hear these songs either in my head or being played somewhere, I leap in to a major flashback to my childhood.
Our dining room that was full of old antiques, paintings and china vases... 
Our trip to the park where my dad used to push me on the swing for hours. 
The tomato soup he used to make me when we arrived home. 
My mom cooking in the kitchen. ahhh... It is just so overwhelming...

That is why English based (Bristol) trip hop band, Massive Attack has grown to be one of my most fav artists.
This is one of their greatest hits;

Teardrop by Massive Attack

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Kira Fashion said...

rock and roll!!

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