Not so keen

I am not sure...
I don't know why maggie wore that, and I dont know why Eva went bob.

She didn't look nice in this dress, and I hate her hair..
God, she looks 10 years older. Some people just can't get away with bobs!

Ohh,,, and Maggie, don't get me started!! This horrid outfit looks like something only Lil Kim could handle... Ugghhh...
So much for the Batman sucess


Imelda said...

I really don't like Maggies outfit, awfull. Normally she's dressed amazing!
I think Eva looks great with her bob.

CoutureCarrie said...

Eva cut her hair for the show because she didn't want to wear a wig all next season . . . I think it looks awful and ages her quite a bit but hey, it will grow back, right?

Arielle said...

what is on eva's head? I like the fabric of her dress but um ya that's really the only nice thing I can say about that outfit

as for maggie... i couldn't find anything nice to say ughh