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I just got back from Hongkong and managed to miss the typhoon that swept along Taipei last monday. Yeay...
Spent the whole day in the airport waiting for an announcement on what the eff happened to my cancelled flight...sigh...

Yeah, Hong Kong has the big city specials like smog, odour, 14 million elbows and an insane love of clatter. But it's also efficient, really nice, clean and modern city but is badly corrupted by Indians and Africans and all, trying to sell you junk. Every time i step out i get a "miss......Miss...  watch miss.... dvd misss......." Jesus I hate it....

 to avoid all of the drama;

1. Keep all belongings in sight and in reach. 
I mean this, these guys are professionals. they (the damn pickpockets) can get money out of your skinny tight jeans pocket without you even feeling it. These petty thieves often work in gangs using distraction to grab your wallet or cut open your purse then pass the valuables to an accomplice who runs off. YES! They wont think twice before jabbing that razor through your new chanel.

2. If possible, wear a nude waist envelope. 
It is a thinner version of bunk bag which wraps around your waist under your clothes. Put in your passport, travel checks and money.

3. wear jet black or reflective sunglasses. 
If you are offered stuff in the road, AVOID EYE CONTACT. One look can draw a crowd of hundreds of street venders. Don't even bother to say no. 

4. if you are lost, you pick the person you want to ask. 
Don't let them pick you. If somebody asks or offers help, say no. Say no and hold on to your belongings. 7 11 is a good place to ask for information.

5. Try not to whip out your map in public. 
It shows that you are a tourist and brings along trouble. 

6. Never let anyone carry your bags. 
They might seem nice, but hell- they aren't.

While these tips may sound really basic, it is surprising how often we forget to follow them. 
I gathered these by my lifetime experience living in this situation. Trust me on this. It might seem arrogant to ignore them, but it will help your survive.

So use your common sense, be careful and you should have a great time while in HK!

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keira antoia rose said...

Thank you for the tips. Those are great for many places not just Hong Kong. My grandma was attacked by a gang of gypsys while in Italy and had her whole "fanny pack" stolen.
Luckily, she was wearing a nude belt under her clothes.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

Wow, that is terrible!
im so sorry to hear that!!

those nude belts really save, don't they.
can u imagine being in a foreign country and not being able to speak a word of their lingo and your passport goes missing..