Cotton Twill and Linen Boy


Cotton Twill     and     Linen Boy

Yesterday night, my best buddy Steven took me to pick up some new little adorable kittens on the celebration of my "wedding countdown"
Yes, Ray n I decided to move it two months forward!! :P

Strolling down the Shilin district, I filtered all the little faces that were full of hope, 
from the windows of the shops.  
I noticed that one small grey Persian  kitten in particular was staring at my shoes. I had a small bow on my shoes that was dancing in the breeze.
How adorable was that, I have never ever met anyone (or anything) that shares the same passion to shoes as me.I worship my shoes and create hell 
when some one attempts to touch them! :)
Plus, I hate it when people step on my shoes! I will give them the most dirty look I can do with my face, if they don't feel guilty, I will step back on theirs!After the short drama, I will whip out my shoe cleaner liquid and start cleaning away...

Raymond says I have a problem, but I think its just an obsession...

Back to kittens,
So do u understand how happy I was when I noticed that the kitten was more interested in my shoes than me!I went in the shop and the gentleman handed the kitten to me without me even asking him, as is it was it's destiny.
As I was cradling the little soon to be my baby Cotton Twill, I noticed a slightly larger kitten peeking up at me from his cage. He really reminded me of Mr. Bble. His curiosity was sparking from his eyes!And wow, what beautiful eyes!Wow, I like that one too.
The gentleman again handed the  cat to me as if it was destined to be with me.(I swear, if the man handed me all the pets in his shop, I would have said the same thing. hihi)
I cradled them both in my arms and soon I felt whole again. A feeling that hasn't been in me for quite a while now..

Fortunately the man gave me a great deal, plus they were both au natural (not neutured nor spayed). So I should be hoping for more kittens soon!! :)

So here is the new part of my ever growing family.

Cotton Twill and Linen Boy on the first day of their long journey ahead

And how could I not do a silly thing with the video!!
Linnen Boy "Dont worry be happy"

(As I am typing, cotton and linen are fighting over my laptop cable and trying to eat out the fan knobs !! 
Arrgghhh.... )


Fashion Addict said...

Awww, the kittens are so cute! I love the pics, you really took them well! Just too adorable, words can't even explain how cute they are.

The Seeker said...

Ohhhhhh I love these beauties lol
Sooooooo cute.


enc said...

They are gorgeous!