Fall and Winter SHOE ATTACK!

Laced up ankle boots go very well with some sexy stockings

Buckles dress down and casualize any look!

Button touches give it a retro-ish feeling to your fashion.

 shoes from here


Times of Glory said...

Lucy, lace-up ankle boots are gorgeous and practical! We can wear them most of the time! I totally love your choice xxxxxxxxxx

enc said...

I really love Kurt Geiger and French Connection. I wish we had them over here.

Style Syrup said...

Great shoes only the link did not work.

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

hmm,, i know, i keep fixing it, but it keeps linking itself back there..sigh...

well, kurt geiger is the designer.. you can google him up....

tx for letting me know


The Seeker said...

Great choices!!
I'm totally in love with laced up ankle boots!!!
I searched for some when I was at mainland but I just found some very high heels, even for me.
Now I want ones and I just don't know how to find them :(((