Keira this September

This September is a good month for Keira Knightley as she is featured all over the fashion magazines.

She donned a more sophisticated and mature look in this months UK Glamour magazine.

As for Tatler's September issue, she was looking pretty hot and classy at the same time.

"It's obviously not that great
 to have the paparazzi 
calling you a
 to make you cry as you leave home"

Keira also scored a lovely Vogue Shoot for the September issue.
Throughout the shoot she was featured in the latest fall/winter 2008 Ready to wear garments...
Hmm... Must say the photography is TERRIBLE AND DOESN'T CATCH HER BEST FEATURES AT ALL!!

Looking retro in pop art inspired coat by Marni.

Challenging her inner beauty in a lovely Chanel satin ribboned dress.

In a "spring 2008 Prada look a like" dress by Thakoon. 

In an amazing black and white tasled dress by our beloved Yves Saint Laurent.

Looking svelt in a Louis Vuitton creation.

In Prada
Look at those sculptured heels!!

Prada made lace look so casual yet very classy.. Amazing hues off fall!

Ehmmm... A frock by Michael Korrs. 
Never really liked his sense of style...

Looking sexy and sophisticated in a Balenciaga number.

Hmm... I don't like Keira's face in this pic nor do I like the dress.
The neckline is just disasterous

What the hell was MiuMiu thinking when they launched this line!!
Why would anyone wear their initials on their dress.. Eww....

Dries Van Noten always brings us the best!
I am deeply in love with the bangles converted in to a chunky necklace. 

Here is a small bonus for dropping by,



what amazing images of Keira,these are the best ive ever seen here!fab detailed post,yummy images!

Songy said...

oh I can't wait to get my hands on the Glamour issue. I'll have to wait for few weeks here still. She looks so stunning!

After looking at her in Tatler.. I want my hair straitened. :P

keira antoia rose said...

If only I looked like her...
she is such a timeless beauty.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

hudson said...

great post! love the way you matched up the vogue shots to the runway ones.

i have to say i was disappointed to see keira on the cover of this month's Vogue, only because it's the FASHION issue. shouldn't we be using models? and i'd have to say she looks better in the other shoots too!