My favourite products

Yes, like any other girl that I know, I buy products based on their brand...
I am so sick of spending money on products that don't work.

So here are my favourite products that I can count on for giving me customer satisfaction and quality.


Crabtree & Evelyn offers various products for both our body and home.
The lovely scented and floral items range from soap, cream, perfume, talc, shampoo, aroma therapy, linen spray, home fragrances, towels and pajamas.

Besides amazingly beautiful floral packaging, the products are made to satisfy you.
This is one product that will not let you down!

My favourite is the Lavender collection.
I love the softness smell of the English Lavender and how it sets me into a relaxed state whenever I get a whift of it. That is why I chose the lovely linen spray for my pillows and blanket...
Goodbye insomnia!!!!!
Lavender - Hand Therapy Cream
Hand Therapy Cream

Lavender - Bath & Shower GelLavender - Hand & Body LotionLavender - Triple-Milled Soap
Bath & Shower Gel, Hand & Body Lotion, Triple-Milled Soap 

Lavender - Linen MistLavender - Home Fragrance Spray
Home Fragrance Spray, Linen Mist

Besides the amazing lavender scented items, 
I am also in love with these award winning items;

Summer Hill - Scented Drawer PapersSummer Hill - Hand Therapy Cream
As Seen In                                            
Scented Drawer Papers,Hand Therapy Cream

My second most fav product would sure be;

L'Occitane en Provence

Their fragrances are amazing.
So fresh and natural they actually smell like real flowers.

Cherry Blossom Eau de ToiletteCherry Eau de Toilette

Eau des 4 Reines Eau de Toilette

And here are my products that accompany my life;
Ultra Rich Face CreamShea Butter Ultra Rich Eye Balm
These are what make my skin soft, stretchy and smell like a baby...

100% Pure Mini Shea Butter
My best friend during winter.. Bye bye chapped lips!!

And how can I live without these lovely fizzy cube bath treats;
Aromachologie Effervescent Revitalising Sugar CubeGreen Tea Fizzy Sugar CubesLavender Fizzy Pebble for the Bath

And here are the items that I have seen by my fiance's side for the past few years;
L'Occitan Roll-on DeodorantL'Occitan Eau de Toilette

Trust me when I say these smell amazing!
YUM.....I miss you Ray!!

Promotions by L'Occitane;

Relaxing Hand & Foot Cream Duo

Amazing not-to-miss Promotions by Crabtree & Evelyn;

Be sure not to miss these lovely promotional items!!


Claudia said...

O my god! I want them all, and I want them now! Wow.. I want that lipbutter the most, because my lips are chapped all the time, whether it's summer, fall, winter or spring, it's very annoying. So if you say that lipbutter will help, I really want to buy it. But, were can you buy them?


i want them all! such scrummy products!