Preparing our british arses for Hippie Hippie Shake....

Hippie Hippie shake is a cronicle of the life of our British extraordinaire (hero to me), Oz's Richard Neville along with his entourage; Jenny Kee, Louise Ferrier  and Germaine Greer .

Oz was an Australian based 60's humour magazine which soon moved to England and incarnated  during the late 60's and somehow became an obscene Psychedelic Hippie magazine running throughout the underground press of London.

Here are a few of the infamous Oz covers.

And don't miss this amazing video directed by Bob Whittaker and Martin Sharp, icons of the 60's and co-editors of OZ.

Darling, Do You Love Me? (1968)

Is an extremely amazing parody video from media persona, a pre-Female Eunuch Germaine Greer who stars as a lunatic woman demanding for her lover to stay with her who adventually she strangles.

Any thoughts?

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Cammila said...

This thing is crazy! It's like a cross between French new wave and John Waters! :)