Saturday Short Video

music by Tom Waits

The short animated film is about a bunny and a moth.
What interesting is, the moth is naturally drawn to the light. As if it was just spending its whole life waiting to fly to the ultimate light.
Is that the purpose of the moth's life?
Waiting for an end?

But I can't help just flashing back to Bjork's music video "Human Behaviour" directed by the amazing Michel Gondry.
It also feature a fly dancing around the light..
Those small details!!

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Claudia said...

I don't think 'Bunny' is just about moths. It's comparing moths to people. Because eventually, we are waiting for the light too, we live to die. In the end, the bunny was all alone and died, went to 'The Light' and saw his wife again. It was a very beautiful video, a bit about the meaning of life. Thank you for sharing it with us! :)