A week on the red carpets by the COUTURE lovers

Charlize Theron

This lady is guaranteed to make all jaws drop  wherever she goes. 
She dresses herself in daring couture numbers or in lovely crystal, glittery, and sparkly dresses matched with waterfalls of diamonds.

Her wavy, goldish locks go very well with her pale-tanned complexion and she knows very well how to flaunt it by going as "nude" as possible on her face and always throwing the attention to her whole look instead of focusing on her eyes or lips.

Charlize bedazzled the audience at Venice when she popped out of her 
car in this one shoulder goddess number by Versace.

Another day at Venice, in a hot pink mini dress.

Casual at a documentary screening in Denver. 
She cools it down by wearing gold flat sandals along with  matching bracelets 
and covers her frock with a blazer piece on top.

Tilda Swinton

This wonder woman is my favourite actress ever. Her roles in the films are so peculiar, edgy and specific- almost like Tim Burtons wife.
Her almost reddish strawberry blond hair just contrasts against her very pale skin and gives her a vaery unique lok compared to all the other actresses.
She is so 'her' in her own world.
Her fashion always sets statements and stands out.
She loves greek goddess drapes  and bright colours. She is not scared to wear couture dresses that every other celebrity would run away from.

Attending the film festival in Venice accompanied (sandwiched) by the 2 hottest men in the world.Yumm

Tilda dares herself to dress in a runway look that isn't usually seen on red carpets.
Look at those shoes!

Here is a brief look at her red carpet couture dresses






And here is the glamourous Charlize looks;

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