What to wear to a graduation

Here are the dresses that I will pick from....
I'm guessing i want a printed one, colourful, and not too revealing!!!

Which one would you go for?

All from Net-a-porter


Songy said...

hi.. I don't know.. maybe I'm being too conservative. I'd recommend third in the first row. without knowing your style i guess it's a little hard but the one I picked will probably go with most people at a 'formal' occasion? .. it looks sexy too!


btw.. thanks for your sweet comment in my blog. :)

bi-style said...

mostly I like the dresses in the first row #1,#2 and #3! And I added you at on my blog;)!Thanks for comment

Claudia said...

Ofcourse, I would love to exchange links! I'll add you right after this. :)

I don't know which I would pick, because I have no idea what the dresscode is for something like that, i'm not even close to a graduation, but you should go with a printed one, I'm guessing that everybody will be in LBD's, you should have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

I adore the black one in the second row... it's awesome! Or the one with the feather print: such a nice shape!

Mimi said...

The dresses are beautiful.I guess I'd go for the last black one.

Anonymous said...

i LOVE the first one in the 2nd row. <3 black. but colorful. and classy. <3

frankie-lou and tallulah said...

very pretty.
my favourites are 2,3,4 and 8.
would love to exchange links thanks.

sacha__ said...

I would personally pick the navy blue dress in the first row but if you want colour and print.. the tree dress maybe?

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

ahh... so confusing right,
i thought that having a degree in fashion would make this easier for me!
but it isn't!


xoxo...thanks so much for all the suggestions!!

take care all,


K.Line said...

I like the blue one in the top row. Very chic and severe. Very worthy of the occasion!