Here are the celebs I always turn to to get the latest Fall and winter trends.

The first would be Natalie Portman.

She looks amazing and is very well at selecting her clothes.
Natalie always goes for a simple, casual style and most of the time dresses in neutral colours such as grey, black, and dusty hues of colours.

Keira Knightly

Keira has a very hip and daring style. 
Her style is very London-ish and has an early 90's feel to it.
She loves colours and is constantly experimenting with different styles and trends.

Nicole Richie

Nicole is like a clothing hanger and makes anything look good on her.
She follows all the latest trends but seems to always stick to her original style.
She loves playing skinny at the bottom such as donning tights and leg hugging pants, and heaping it up on the top by wearing flowy, often oversized tops.
The look I like on her is leather jackets.
She makes the so fashionable! 

Sienna Miller

The british beauty loves kicking off the cold in her structured petticoats and trenches.
During day time, she sports nice cut blazers and keeps it simple with a pair of jeans.
She is also a fan of over sized sweaters and wool jumpers which she combines with leggings.

Katherine Heigl

Katherine is a girl of colour. She loves bright colours and printed clothing. When she is casual, she looks really casual and laid back, but when she dresses up, she looks fab and glamorous.

These few dress well too ....

And below are some well dressed people which I have had in my hard drive for ages...

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The Seeker said...

I like very much Katherine Heigl, oh and Piksi has such a great style!!!
I think nordic girls have "something"...