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My birthday is coming soon... :)

And this birthday will be very special  to me as it will be my first birthday as a wife!! Due to the specialness of this year, I expect a very special present too from my husband. hahah

I was doing some research on my birthstone today and I am terribly sad that my birthday doesn't fall is April (diamond). Instead, my birthday falls in November (topaz).

Every month of the year is marked with a precious stone;
Do you know what your birthstone is??

  • January     garnet - january birthstoneGarnet  
  • February    Amethyst - february birthstoneAmethist
  • March     Aquamarine - march's birth stoneAquamarine  
  • April    diamond, the  april birthstoneDiamond
  • May    emerald, the may birthstoneEmerald  
  • June   Pearl  
  • July   Ruby is the july birth stone Ruby  
  • August   auguest birthstone: peridot  Peridot
  • September   Sapphire, the september birthstoneSaphire  
  • October    Tourmaline, October BirthstoneToumaline, Opal
  • November    Citrine, november's birthstoneYellow Topaz, Citrine  
  • December   Topaz is  December's birthstone Blue Topaz

I came across a nice site that provides lots of jewelry that focuses on embedded birthstones.
I must say that I am not so keen on my stone (yellow Topaz) since yellow has never really been my colour of choice!
But amazingly here I found some really nice pieces ranging from necklaces, earrings, rings, etc.

If you have a birthday approaching, you really should consider buying that somebody a birthstone. It is a very unique and special gift which they can keep for a lifetime. Plus, the bargain jewelry offered at My Jewelry Box is a chance not to miss!
Here is septembers range of saphire jewelry;

I fell in love with their amazing range of engagement rings.. I love the whole presentation and designs of the rings. They use lots of emerald cut diamonds which sculpts the ring into an opulent piece of art.

Aren't they amazing?!
Wouldn't you love to show of one of these 'blings' to everyone.

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Aileen said...

Outstanding designs of jewelry... I absolutely love them!!