Joining the steps of numerous celeb- turned- designers, Rachel Bilson has unleashed her latest "creations" for DKNY.

Edie Rose will hit stores this September all across the world..

My opinion on her oppurtunity to do so...?!
WTF. This is not fair. She can't design , and she certainly is scared of the usage of multiple colours... It is just not fair. Many of us work our arses of to get so far, to establish our little name in the fashion industry..
But these rich bitches are the ones given the oppurtunities

In her own words; 

“This is something that I have been 
interested in doing for such a long time.
really like DKNY Jeans, 
and I know they make great stuff, 
so I thought it could be good.”

“I have a yellow scarf that I love 
and I was really inspired by it. 
I was so happy they were able to get 
that same yellow into the clothes… 

I can’t draw at all, 
so I won’t be doing any sketches.. 

She can't sketch?? So WTF did she do?
 Pick the colour yellow??Wow, what an achievement.

Do you thik she deserves those millions???

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