Aminaka Wilmont awed everyone at last weeks London fashion week by strotting these 'heels' on her models up and down the runway.

Like em?


Letitia said...

hmmmm, do I have to say yes? :(
btw, love love the music! I imagine we could do lunch and really have allot in common...you have such good taste..I am trying hard not to put it on my own blog haha

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...


thanks so much..
fell free to, but remember to link me.haha

Songy said...

LOL. this is utterly crazy. oh my.

numerocuatro said...
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numerocuatro said...

omg, they're ming-blowing!!!

p.s. the tattoo on the picture
is (unfortunately) not mine.
i have some very pretty feathers
on my right arm though.

tnx for stopping by.

bi-style said...

wow horrible shoes and very crazy! who wear those shoes?