Yeay for the mommy to be.....

As many of you know, after a wonderful 8 years together with my fiance, Raymond- we are finally getting married in around 4 weeks. As hectic as wedding preparation gets, I still have many things to prepare for after the wedding. 1 big step would be furniture shopping and maternity wear shopping.   : )   Yeay....

I can't wait to be a mummy, but I really don't want to end up looking like a rag. 
I want to be a fashionable mummy because being pregnant is no reason not to care about how you look.

Instead of covering our belly and new silhouette, lets flaunt it! 

My search for maternity clothing has drawn me to this site as they offer amazing and fashionable garments that will make any mummy-to-be look and feel great. 
And most importantly, the clothing is made with soft and hassle free material to maximize the comfortability of the wearers.

All of you might already know I am  a huge dress and tunic fan, so it is just natural that I want to buy all of the unique cut and printed maternity dresses off their site. And get myself pregnant at this minute! :) 

I love the soft pale aqua blue colours of these 2 tops. They will make any mummy glow!

Looking casual has never looked so cool!

Ahhh Maxi dresses. This is a pregnant women must have item.
It makes you appear taller and sleek. To dress down, simply slap on some slippers. As to dress it up, add on some jewelry and put on some sparkly strappy heels.

Be sure not to miss Crave Maternity's Autumn offer as it offers great deals on all kinds of maternity fashion!!!

All images taken from Maternity Crave UK

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