Bang - Bang

Editorial: Bang - Bang
Magazine: Numéro #97
Issue: October 2008
Model: Masha Novoselova
Photographer: Miles Aldridge

This spread out reminds me of the mannequin that I stole from university a few years back. Hahah..
I sprayed the ugly dirty gray thing with red spray paint and  it turned out looking pretty retroish excuisite. 
Then, i wrapped in in a multi colour turban that I found in the left over cloth box at a textile store. Added a chunky necklace, a pair of retro glasses and fake eyelashes..
I miss those days!!!
But i miss my mannequin..
I wonder where the hell i can knick one from here..

This is the only pic I could find of it. 
Do notice, its upper part is placed behind the blue cat tent..

Talking about knicking stuff (hah!), I am currently searching for "abandoned" 
crates to make a book rack for my new home. This is a pic that really inspired me to do so...
Do you think it would look nice with proper lighting??

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enc said...

Very clever, that chandelier!