Cat Prin

I came across this Japanese online shop that sells bits and pieces for kitty fashion.
The little ensembles are amazingly cute and adorable.

But, I wonder how my babies will react if I put these funky fashion on them.
As I recall, last time I attempted to put clothes on my cat Bble, he didn't seem so happy at all and he always found an escape route through his tshirt.hahaha

BTW, Isn't that a cute little cat!!

Visit her online shop here; The tailor of cat- Cat Prin

Would you dress your pet in these adorable clothes?
Yes. I would, but just for a short time
Yeah, my pets wear clothes all the time!
Hmm.. pets shouldn't be in clothes
No way. It is ridiculous
, ..



Thank you for dropping by...this is sooo cute too... No wonder you were attracted to the cat on my post... They are so adorable indeed! Hope to hear from you again dear...

Have a good weekend*

Imelda said...

They look really cute, but still I think that animals shouldn't be in clothes. I don't think they really like it :)
And you can be sure I'll post some pictures of our little kitten! It looks like the white and red one in this post :)

Songy said...

That is something else! Oh my. How cute.

Japanese Fashion said...

Really great collocation