Louis Vuitton for Darjeeling Limited

Why not start a day with a lovely Wes Anderson treat...

I am sure many of your are familiar with these scenes from The Darjeeling Limited by Wes Anderson...

I must tell you how much I loved the contrasting and highly saturated color palette (the train being the most overt)— 
the accesive use of bright gold, pale green, the 2 specific blues, desert neutrals and the occasional touches of red—was specific down to the last detail. 
I am guessing that the whole colour palette must have came from or be inspired by the climax of the film, the peacock feathers scene.

The train itself was something of a design wonder—
where everything on board was clearly custom made, down to the hand-painted Rajasthani elephants on the corridor walls. 

And, at the ending of the film, when the brothers board another train, it is clear that a new version of the palette is at play.

As in all of Wes Anderson's films, he once again zoomed throughout all the rooms as if their were no outer part/ wall.
This is how i used to draw houses and transportation, as if the front outer part was invisible.
Lovely detail!

In almost every single scene, you can notice these funky leather luggage cases that they carry and throw around throughout t
he film.

These lovely leather goods were created by the talented Marc Jacobs, for Louis Vuitton and were later auctioned off privately after the shooting was wrapped.

I must admit, these creations are my best ever that I have ever seen come from Louis Vuitton.
And not to forget to mention, the whole cast was dressed by LV.

For you who haven't seen this amazing film, PLEASE DO!!

What is your favourite Wes Anderson film?
The Darjeeling Limited
The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou
The Royal Tenenbaums
Bottle Rocket
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Mini said...

Hands down, my favorite film of all time, not just my favorite Wes Anderson film, is The Royal Tennenbaums. The Darjeeling Limited was brilliant as well, though.

Thanks for that tidbit about the luggage! I had no idea it was by LV. The luggage was one of my favorite themes in the movie. Huh.

Imelda said...

I love the suitcases, I wouldn't mind having them :)