Most wanted. Heeled or not

Here is Vic in an amazing Antonio Berardi creation.
As she always does, she Turned Heads!!!

At the launch of their latest perfume, the fashion duo dressed to impress!!
Especially by Vic dressed in a gray minidress with thigh high PVC legging boots.!

OK, Now look again at her PVC boots! Instead of glazing up and down envying her lovely twig legs, focus on the lower part!!

Yeah, this is not photoshopped!!

There truly is, NO heels at all!
The must have shoes of spring retail at a whopping $3,500. Whew..
I wouldn't even want to get a leg cramp if somebody paid me that much..

But yeay, I think they are lovely..
But to see, Not to wear.

Apparently, Vic, Uma and Gwynnie have purchaced some of these whacky highs..

Like em?


please sir said...

I don't even understand how she is standing!

enc said...

I saw this a couple of days ago, and was sort of surprised, sort of not. I guess by now, nothing is surprising! Especially with Miss V, she seems to be one of the trailblazers, trying everything new as soon as it is available.

saray said...

i think those shoes are fab.. but i don't really like this look on VB