Battle of the BLING...

Who do you thing wore the "garment bling" better,
Nicole, Beyotch or SJP??

I was surprised how torn looking SJP's lace looked when zoomed in.. It was literally shredded! Luckily the diamentes managed to put the whole look togeter and prevent her from falling into our disaster column.

As for Nicole, she took bling to the next level. In a heavily beaded and sequinned Dries Van Noten dress, she even managed to crack her face by slightly smiling... BOTOX!!

As for Beyotch, She looked amazing in the velvet-silk combination dressfrom the multi talented Dolce and Gabanna. I must note that I really thaught that it was a piece of Christian Lacroix's collection. The whole ribbon, gold etc is just so CL....

Whose look do you like the most??

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